REYADA PROPERTIES provides an integrated set of services that include real estate management and rental of residential and commercial units. Furthermore, we offer real estate marketing that’s based on up-to-date technical strategies.

Real Estate Marketing

At REYADA PROPERTIES we follow well-planned steps for marketing our properties. We conduct a market survey to identify our potential clients for renting or investing in the properties. Afterward, we officiate meetings and conferences, in order to achieve an agreement that will satisfy our honorable clients.


Real Estate Management

Our aim at REYADA PROPERTIES PROPERTIES is to manage properties in a way that provides our investors with outstanding value. We do that by constantly monitoring the property’s occupation status, raising the rental value, handling the issued payments, and doing maintenance whenever necessary. And to make sure our clients are regularly updated, we send out periodic reports.

Real Estate brokerage & services

REYADA PROPERTIES provides the real estate brokerages and services our clients are looking for with integrity, honesty, and principle.